Your Team Spirit Wear/Fundraising Page

Imagine your team's or group's spiritwear on this page.  We'll create a page just for your team or group at no charge to you and you can link to it from your website or facebook page.  Just think . . . no more inventory that you can't sell because you ordered too many Smalls.  No more collecting money from parents and trying to keep orders straight.  No more waiting for weeks for the order to close and be printed.  It's easy to set up a Spirit Wear store and Big Frog will do the heavy lifting for you.  How does it work? 

Step 1 -- Select spirit wear items and designs.  Many groups will have a variety available such as a short sleeve T, long sleeve T, and a hoodie.  Big Frog will work with you on the design of the items, at no charge to you. You can have a single design or multiple designs available for purchase.

Step 2 -- Decide if your page is for fundraising.  If so, Big Frog will work with you to determine the prices of your items -- we track sales from your page and write your team/group a check with the proceeds. 

Step 3 -- All you need to do is promote and publish the page link to your supporters.  They order directly from the page and pay with a credit card or Paypal.  Big Frog will print the items as the orders come in.  Big Frog will call each purchaser as the orders are done and they can pick them up in the store or Big Frog will deliver the items to your location once a week for distribution. 

It's that easy!  Call us at 218-491-6400 or stop by the store to get started today!